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Our story

Mavana was born from a need to find meaning in our daily work life.
Siège social de Mavana (31290 Lagarde)

There’s the mill,

our headquarters! 

Would you like to find out more about the origins of Mavana ? our story and our values? You’ve come to the right place.

Our story

Once upon a time, a man called Gillo realized that his job, although high-end, comfortably paid, and filled with kind coworkers, was no longer cutting it. He aspired to do more than work on Excel sheets all day, locked away in his office. He longed to put his time to use. So, one day, an idea came to him:

Why wouldn’t he combine his skills in the field of the Internet of Things with his will to protect the environment? You may think that’s an odd combination. Well, not necessarily.

When Mavana was launched back in 2021, the digital world was responsible for 5% of total worldwide greenhouse emissions. That’s as much as the aviation sector. The least we could say is that it has its part to play.

Not to mention that 75% of IoT-related projects failed for lack of relevance, skill, and specialization in this complex field. 

What was Gillo’s first thought after being confronted with these facts? He decided to build a team made up of people whom he trusted, and who also happened to have the much-needed skills to help him make Mavana grow. 

That need to find meaning in what you do resonated with Kelly, Julie, Jean-François and Fabienne, the said team members, skilled in IoT, finance, project owner consulting, communication, and workplace well-being enhancement.

The will to take on a new challenge, have an enriching job, grow, and manage projects we find enticing, that’s what Mavana’s all about! We’re a great ambitious team that wants to help change the world for the better (on our scale).

Les valeurs de Mavana : environnement, bienveillance, sincérité, adaptation

Our values

Everything we do gravitates around 4 core values that dictate our support method. They prevent moments of doubt since they serve as our company’s compass. 
The environment: we are aware of our environment and want to preserve it for the next generations to come. We are eager to have a positive impact on the world. 
Benevolence: We are respectful towards our partners, clients, and service providers and grateful for their contributions. We want to contribute to their well-being and the development of their individual potential. We are committed to ourselves and others to be the best we can be in order to work proudly and happily. 

Truthfulness: When advising our clients, we remain true to our values. We are fully committed to providing our clients with the best solution and to keep on growing. We guide our clients with transparency and sincerity to advise them objectively and ethically. 

Adaptation: We are naturally curious. Adaptation is how an organism automatically adapts to an ever-changing environment. 
Mavana oughts to remain true to itself, by protecting its core values. 

Our logo

The creation of this logo mobilized our collective intelligence and life experience. This moment was one of true collaboration, which lead to us all bounding and creating solid connections. 
 We are convinced that many are the moments in a company’s lifetime when reflection and collective creativity can be sparked. Some of us grabbed our computer mice, others our pencils, all with the same objective: to spread our values, motivation, and everything that makes Mavana what it is. 
Many factors got mixed up in our minds, and we sometimes went down treacherous paths, but in the end, we were and are proud of the brand we built together. 
Have you discovered all the hidden easter eggs in our logo? Do you, like we do, see a little fox’s head? Watch our video for more information!